Thursday, 4 June 2020

Do you hear the people sing?

So we'll often sit there and watch the news watching East Germans bring down the Berlin,  Romanians toppling Ceausescu, you may even have watched Independence Sq in Kiev cheering on those fighting fo their freedoms. We see opposed people all over the world fighting for their right to be heard. We like to think "if I was there I would be fighting with them" It's easy to sit there as sofa  warriors and make those claims, but now, today, it's happening in a major 1st world super power. We have ignored and dismissed the oppression faced by people of colour in the United States for too long. My good friends Dillon Hutchins and Bryan Tautfest got off their sofa and marched through Los Angeles, no longer sofa warriors they documented their experience. 3 hours of no violence, then the police showed up. No more words, just pictures.